Wax Poetic: School Daze

School Daze

So, I did it.  I went all the way.  I am officially a full time student, and my first class is a week from Monday!  😀  Now, I just have to wait and hope and pray fervently to… someone/something… that some weird curve ball does not get thrown my way regarding financial aid.

Four classes… two of them writing classes…

  • Monday night: Creative Writing II
  • Tuesday morning: Intro to Psychology
  • Tuesday afternoon: Composition II
  • Saturday morning: Web Coding I

That is a lot of writing.  I imagine that means I may have to post some of my school work to keep up here.  😉

It was tough scheduling around work and raiding, but I did.  I even kept most of my classes local, so I only have to drive down to Ann Arbor on Saturday mornings, and that is a more compressed class – longer class, less days.

Sorry this post is so short, but I am two seconds from dancing away and out the door and down the stairs and around the block.

~ Effy


10 thoughts on “Wax Poetic: School Daze

    • I agree that must be breaking some rule somewhere, considering usually they catch me blinking or just as I am like, “Is that it? Oh, no? Damn…!” lol

      ~ Effy

  1. Look at you, gorgeous red head! You know why you look so beautiful? Because you are, and you’re happy! You are doing the right thing, no question about it. I can attest to this, my sweet draenei friend!

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