Alt Appreciation #DeathKnightWeek

DeathKnightWeek - Arthas

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has challenged bloggers with 11 weeks of Alt Appreciation!  I happen to be a huge altaholic, because I love leveling, love learning new classes/specs, and I most of all love writing stories for my many characters!  So I definitely felt this was a challenge I had to take on.

Here is my post for Week 1.


I feel the best way for me to show my love to the classes, is in story form…

DeathKnightWeek - Panel 1DeathKnightWeek - Panel 2DeathKnightWeek - Panel 3DeathKnightWeek - Panel 4DeathKnightWeek - Panel 5DeathKnightWeek - Panel 6DeathKnightWeek - Panel 7DeathKnightWeek - Panel 8DeathKnightWeek - Panel 9DeathKnightWeek - Panel 10

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This story is based on worlds and characters in World of Warcraft.
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Awaiting the Muse by Jamie Roman AKA Effraeti is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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My Death Knights

I have three Death Knights of note.  This is possibly to be expanded on at some point, since the limit of one Death Knight per realm has been lifted.

DeathKnightWeek - Caeridwen

Caeridwen was my first Death Knight.  She was also my second max level character, after my Shaman back in Wrath.  She began “life” as a Draenei, and has since become a Night Elf and a minor story character of mine.  Honestly, she is only a Night Elf so I could give her pink hair…  Now, she is second to DK-Effy, and exists mostly as my miner and jewelcrafter.

DeathKnightWeek - DK-Effy

Effræti is my Shaman’s other half, literally.  She has been in several of my stories, and is in fact the reason I started blogging.  When I quit raiding for a while in Cata (basically, most of Firelands), I moved to an RP server – Wyrmrest Accord.  I was kind of soured to both raiding with and even playing on my Shaman at the time, and so I recreated Effy as a Death Knight.  It was my second favorite class, and seemed the obvious choice for starting from scratch on a new server.  Little did I know how much creating backgrounds for my characters on an RP server would inspire me!  It started with writing on piece about DK-Effy that came to me late one night and would not leave me to rest until it was out on paper.  That short piece was “Regrets” and became my first blog post back on my original blog, Effraeti’s RP.  Like with all of my Effy pieces, DK-Effy’s story took on a life of its own – from her joining up with Worgen to rid Duskwood of their feral brethren, to her winding up in the “real world” in a piece written for a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, to her coming face-to-face with herself!

DK-Effy does not get as much play as she should, mostly because I am terrified of tanking in LFR.

DeathKnightWeek - Fehnrir

Fehnrir is a Worgen Death Knight, simply because when I was on the RP server, I was somewhat obsessed (and still am) with the tortured nature of Worgen and Death Knights so much so that mixing the two seemed a great idea.  I still think it is, but poor Fehnrir has seen little love, and still sits in his DK start zone gear at Level 59.  And now, he has been immortalized as a troll.  Oh, the indignity.  lol

Join me and all the other bloggers participating in Lae’s Alt Appreciation next week for #DruidWeek!

~ Effy

8 thoughts on “Alt Appreciation #DeathKnightWeek

  1. Lol, I love the comic! 🙂 And I love reading about your characters, and their stories and adventures. Never stop writing!

    I too am terrified of tanking LFR on my own, so I’ve been taking Salay in as DPS this week in a newly put together Frost spec. My DPS is terrible, and I think it’s only a matter of luck that I haven’t been kicked yet… :-/

    Thanks for participating in the Alt Appreciating!

      • For both of you, don’t be scared! Tanking is just DPS in reverse, sort of. Once you have the mechanics down, it’s just another way to play. But, LFR…

        As for how harsh people in LFR can be, yeah, that’s a big source of trepidation. I’m in a mix of normal and heroic gear, and I still pause before I click queue. I’ve been kicked for stacking Stamina. I’ve been kicked for not pulling while waiting for a second tank to join. I’ve been kicked for dying a lot because the other tank wouldn’t taunt. I’ve been kicked for trying to set up a nest team on Ji’kun or setting up groups on Lei Shen, instead of just pulling.

        Then there’s the times I take the chicken debuff. This might sound elitist, but I’m not doing LFR with the purpose of training some new tank how to do ToT. MSV I understand, and I’m glad help, but a tank should know what to do by the time they hit 480 ilevel. I don’t get snide, I just leave. Then there’s the obvious trolls. Some of these fights can be wiped on purpose easily, and when people do that repeatedly, and the vote-kick fails, I just leave.

        Now that I think of it, yeah, LFR is not the place to start tanking. Get some friends together for an alt run through MSV. Learn with people who treat you with respect and patience.

        I started an “MSV as a tank training course” series earlier this year, and now I’m thinking I should dust that off, actually write it and promote it, maybe even add HoF. I think it’s relevant content for alts, since MSV drops 489, HoF and ToES drop 496, perfect for getting an alt above 480 and into the ToT LFR grind.

      • Don’t get me wrong – I know how to tank and I consider myself a good tank for dungeons and scenarios and whatever else EXCEPT LFR. Shit, I will tank an alt 10man for friends, but not LFR. It’s about the abuse and getting the majority of the burden of failure.

        I don’t think a person not knowing how to tank, say LFR-Twin Emperors in MSV, means that they don’t know how to tank at all. Even though I know how to do it (and sort of “dance”), I just plain don’t want to because of the pressure. It is no longer fun for me. :/

        So instead, I will heal on my Pally and collect off-spec gear, and my poor poor DK with gather dust from disuse because I cannot do anything BUT tank on a DK.

        ~ Effy

      • You have much tougher skin than me Kal. 🙂

        I have actually tanked several LFRs. My guild does “Raid Finder Fridays”, and as long as we queue as a group, and there is another tank there, I’m happy to tank. After all, my mainspec is Brewmaster, and I tank our normal raids. 😉

        My fascination with tanking started back in BC, where I leveled a paladin for the purpose. I didn’t really dare to do it during Burning Crusade, but with the fun dungeons in WOTLK I actually tanked both dungeons and raids as both paladin and warrior! (Phew, Halls of Reflection as a warrior tank was a JOB.) In Cata I was pretty much only playing my hunter, and I wouldn’t have dared tanking those difficult dungeons anyway… Now I’m somewhere in between I guess; I tank scenarios and world bosses and ordinary raids, but not really dungeons or LFR unless I have a group of friends.

        I hope people that complain about long queues also try to do something about the toxic environment that we have in LFD/LFR.

        (I wonder how far off topic I am by now. xD)

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