School Daze – Update

Scool Daze Update - Supplies

Tomorrow…  OMGOMGOMG…  Tomorrow is my first day of school!  I feel like I am starting high school all over again or something.  (But oh god, I hope not.  I do not miss high school.)

My schedule changed unexpectedly last week.  My Creative Writing II class got cancelled, and I could not find a way to fit it back into my schedule on a different day.  At first, I thought maybe it was a sign that I should stick to just three classes, and not overdo it.  Then, I got the letter of approval on my financial aid – I got approved for enough to cover 12 credits and all my books, with a little leftover for gas.  I figured I would be crazy not to take full advantage of it, so I scrambled desperately to find that one more class that would fit around work and raiding.

As it turned out, the only class that worked was Tech Writing I, on Wednesday nights.  On one hand, it is the main progression of classes I need for my degree.  On the other hand, Wednesdays are a raid night!  😦

It was a very tough decision for me.  I love my guild.  I love raiding.  But I think this class is the right decision.  A full schedule is the right decision.  This is something I need to do for me.

I had a conversion with my GM, and he agreed this is a good reason to miss raids, but quickly followed that up with, “This is only for a few months, right?”  Yes, definitely.  I should have more time to prepare and adjust my schedule for the winter term.  And hopefully there will be no more last minute cancellations…

I will still be raiding the other two nights each week.  But still, missing raids is going to be tough.  😦

So all said and done, here is my updated schedule:


  • 9am – Intro to Psychology
  • 3:30pm – Composition II


  • 6:30pm – Technical Writing I


  • 9am – Web Coding I

Tomorrow should be quite the whirlwind.  I have an appointment with my counselor at 1pm.  So it will be to Hartland to Brighton to home (hopefully) to the other side of Brighton.  😛  But that will only happen every 3-4 weeks.  So not too big a deal.

I did splurge on some school supplies.  A girl needs notebooks and folders and pens!  (Oh my!)  On that note, I leave you with a tiny clip from Weird Al’s movie UHF…

~ Effy


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