Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek

Chen Stormstout

Chen Stormstout

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has challenged bloggers with 11 weeks of Alt Appreciation!  I happen to be a huge altaholic, because I love leveling, love learning new classes/specs, and I most of all love writing stories for my many characters!  So I definitely felt this was a challenge I had to take on.

Here is my post for Week 5.


I had to do something a little more spectacular for MonkWeek, seeing as it is my main raiding class now.  So I decided on a short piece with Ireenia.  It is partially inspired by a bit from Parting the Mists:

She certainly did not want Mum to find out she was studying with the monks.

Mum worked too hard to keep Ireenia shielded from danger. The more Effraeti protected her, the more Ireenia questioned what she was missing. She understood it was motherly instinct, she read Mum’s concern clearly often enough, but Ireenia was a dragon! What had she to fear from orcs and trolls and even Forsaken? Even these mogu were no challenge for her as a dragon.

With a snicker, Ireenia caught herself – as a dragon – and that was why she learned from the monks at the Peak of Serenity. She had to learn to protect herself just as well as a Draenei as she could as a dragon.

It had been difficult as first to control herself enough. It was frustrating to fail in this frailer form, and often brought her close to exposing her true self in a fit of rage. But along with the ways of protection and attack, the monks also taught her restraint. She learned to center herself, and to use her emotions without letting them use her.

She learned quickly and soon excelled past their expectations.

Though much of her monk training was how to attack and defend herself, Ireenia grew more interested in the art of channeling the healing powers of the wise serpent, Yu’lon. To power herself with a dragon struck her as ironic, and perhaps that was part of the source of her connection. Deep down, though, Ireenia knew that healing was ingrained into her by Mum. Their connection and Mum’s nurturing made Ireenia want to do the good things she did.

Seeking Serenity

MonkWeek - Seeking Serenity

Ireenia scowled as her bottom painfully hit the stone ground.  The impacted jarred her teeth in her head.

Master Cheng’s patient smile never wavered.  The hollow staff continued to spin in the pandaren’s steady hands, its movements slow and deliberate.  His gaze remained friendly but steady, his small black eyes flashing.

“Get up, young one,” Master Cheng insisted, his voice soft.  “We are not done yet.”  To punctuate his words, he cracked the end of the staff onto the floor, halting its movement abruptly.  At the same time, the smile faded and his face became more serious.  “You still have much to learn.”

Exhaling sharply, Ireenia scrambled up.  Once her hooves were beneath her, she brushed the dirt from her pants and swept the tails of her azure hair back behind her shoulders.  The draenei woman met Master Cheng’s eyes.  Her own luminescent silver orbs narrowed stubbornly.

Zhunbei!” Master Cheng shouted, the command to prepare herself.  He swung the staff around above his head and behind him.  Its trailing end came to rest with a soft whump against his shoulder as he crouched down into a defensive stance, his left arm out to the side for balance.

Ireenia snapped her hands out before her.  She bore no other weapons.

Wei ziji bianhu!” the pandaren roared, swinging his staff forward.  Defend yourself!

Ireenia dropped back a step and swept her right leg around before her in a great arc, knocking Master Cheng’s blow aside.  The pandaren immediately reversed and swung the staff back across, catching the woman in the calf.

Crying out in pain, Ireenia spun away.  Favoring her injured leg, she hopped back without taking her eyes from Master Cheng, avoiding a few more swings of the pandaren’s weapon and batting aside others with her hands.

She made a quick upward gesture and let out a relieved sigh as light green mist settled around her and the essence of the Jade Serpent revitalized her.

Master Cheng’s staff was coming at her again, and Ireenia slapped it aside with her bare right hand.  As she pulled back to a readied position, she shot her left hand out, quickly followed by the first.  As her right hand came forward again, a glowing white wave of force pushed ahead of it and struck Master Cheng hard enough to knock him back and interrupt the steady flow of his attacks.

Ireenia did not pause to allow him a chance to recover.  She came forward steadily, fists and hooves striking again and again.  Each hit drove Master Cheng back a step.  They were nearly to the edge of the sparring area.

He was beaten.  Ireenia came on more forcefully.

Then, Master Cheng surprised Ireenia and unexpectedly dropped low beneath one of her kicks.  He spun and and swept a leg outward.  It caught the draenei woman unprepared and took her other leg out from under her.

Ireenia cried out as her legs crumpled and she dropped to the ground, hard.

In less time than it took to blink, Master Cheng’s staff was biting into her chest.  He made a tut tut noise as his smile returned.  “You overextended yourself, left yourself open,” the pandaren monk explained.  “When will you learn patience and restraint, young one?”

Ireenia’s eyes narrowed.  It took all of her willpower to resist changing then and there, and showing him the futility of his tiny threats.  She imagined the look on his face seeing her in all of her draconic glory.

But that is not my purpose here, she reminded herself.  I must learn to master this draenei form, and myself.

Master Cheng helped Ireenia to her feet.  “I think that is enough training for today.  Tend to your scrapes and bruises, and remember that everyone of them is an important lesson.”  At that, the pandaren bowed to her and walked away, leaving Ireenia to her thoughts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story is based on worlds and characters in World of Warcraft.
Creative Commons License
Awaiting the Muse by Jamie Roman AKA Effraeti is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a work at

My Monks

I have actually become quite taken with the awesomeness of the Monk class.  So my Monk army is growing.

MonkWeek - IreeniaIreenia is my main, over my lovely Shaman, Effraeti, these days.  She has a few stories under her belt so far – beginning life as my favorite vanity pet, Xarzith, and expanding from there.  I have always been fascinated by the idea of dragons walking amongst us, and though it “breaks” all conventional RP rules, I do not care.  Both Ireenia and my Mage, Kiirae, have their secret identities, and this amuses me.  It was one way for me to combat the misgivings of changing my main, to give Ireenia a good story, and tie her to Effy.  I am coming to enjoy raiding on my Mistweaver Monk, and among this I have discovered her to be quite capable as an off-DPS and solo.  I enjoy fistweaving in dungeons and scenarios, and she conquers old content as easily as my DK ever did (and her gear is far better, so that helps too).  I think Ireenia and I will be together for quite some time, though, I dearly miss my Shaman.

MonkWeek - ChiyuChíyu was my original Monk.  When I came back to WoW for MoP last October (damn, has it really been almost a year??), I wanted a Monk and I wanted to see the Pandaren starting area.  So even before Effy was 90, Chiyu was created.  I quickly discovered I liked the very different feel of the Mistweaver, and Chiyu reached 85 fairly quickly.  For some reason, I am just not fond of Pandaren :/ and realized what I really wanted was a Draenei Monk!  I mean, finally, a Draenei class that could wear leather!  All of my mogging-senses told me this had to be, especially being that Draenei are my favorite race.  I quickly pushed aside the idea of race changing Chiyu, as she already had a place in my stories, and I could not disrupt that!  So for now, Chiyu wanders Stormwind, waiting for another story.

MonkWeek - CaeriseCaerise is my Horde Monk, both because a Horde Monk makes sense to me, and because I wanted to have a toon in my friend Martiean’s guild!  She was created shortly before I started school, and so she has been very slow to receive proper attention.  But eventually, it is my goal for her to see Level 90.  And someday, maybe she will have a story, as well.

Keep an eye out next week, for my Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek post!

~ Effy

5 thoughts on “Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek

  1. Nice to see I’m not the only one completely addicted to Mistweavers 😀 All of your monks are just lovely and I really enjoyed Ireenia’s story. I like that she’s a dragon and that you’re not afraid to break RP convention a bit for your stories, I think they’re the better for being what you need them to be. 🙂

    • I am indeed addicted! heh Thanks for the comment, and the RP-breaker support! I agree that stories should fit the need of the writer, even if they are unconventional. 😀

      ~ Effy

  2. Hehe, Master Cheng may look old and slow, but he has some surprising moves. 🙂

    I was wondering about “Zhunbei!”, the command to get ready. My third monk is called “Shunbi”, it’s my way of spelling “Jun-bi”, which was a command we used when I was training Tae Kwon Do. The similarity to “Zhunbei” seems to be too much to be a coincidence?

    Great post, as always. 🙂

    • Thanks! “Zhunbei” is what Google (yay, Google!) said was the Chinese translation of “Prepare.” Here I go, once more bastardizing other languages for my own purposes. “Wei ziji bianhu” is also Chinese, according to Google. 🙂

      ~ Effy

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