Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Uther the Lightbringer

Uther the Lightbringer

Tyrion Fordring

Tyrion Fordring

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has challenged bloggers with 11 weeks of Alt Appreciation!  I happen to be a huge altaholic, because I love leveling, love learning new classes/specs, and I most of all love writing stories for my many characters!  So I definitely felt this was a challenge I had to take on.

Here is my post for Week 6.


I have a confession: I fully intended to include a story piece with this post, but this week has gotten a little away from me.  It has been a really long week…  I worked extra this week and I have been handling a lot of homework.  Current personal stress is compounding this, and the small amount of time I actually set aside to work on this has not proved fruitful in completing any story ideas.

It is hugely frustrating.  The Paladin is one of my favorite classes, and I really wanted to post something meaningful this week.  All of my Paladins have interesting stories, but time and the muses just did not want to cooperate this week.

My Paladins

AKA the Parade of Paladins…  I believe the Paladin is my most represented class.  Heh

PaladinWeek - LazhewardLazheward is my most accomplished Paladin.  He has a number of stories where he appears, mostly paired with my Shaman, Effraeti.  He is also my only max level Paladin, currently.  He is also my first and truest Paladin, though he has gone back and forth in his identity.  It took me a long time to actually be able to level a Paladin.  My first was Lazheward, back when he was a female Tauren.  Then, I made him a female Draenei.  Then, he became Lazheward and I am happy with him that way.  He is mostly Holy, but has a modest Prot set building.  After years of being a DK tank, I am starting to prefer the Paladin in that regard.  Often, when I actually have the extra time, it is my Paladin who is that alt to see the light of day.

PaladinWeek - VianessaVianessa is my Sunwalker.  I had grand designs for making a storyline with her, but it has yet to see fruition.  I am not sure what spec she would be mainly, currently, she is Ret in a failed attempt for me to learn the spec better.

PaladinWeek - PiotrPiotr is my comic relief Pally.  I see him as an Inspector Gadget/The Tick type hero, aspiring to be a great Paladin, but usually being saved from himself by his Gnome sidekick, Toggle.  I would like to expand upon the idea and create more stories in that regard, comics even, but then the lack of time thing rears its head again.

PaladinWeek - Aerora-EonarPaladinWeek - Aerora-Wyrmrest AccordPaladinWeek - Aerora-AuchindounPaladinWeek - Aerora-Elune

Aerora is my favorite Paladin, obviously (seeing as I have a version of her on numerous servers).  Eonar was my original Aerora.  I restarted a new Paladin on Wyrmrest Accord while playing there.  Some day, my Elune-Aerora will see max level, some day.  As far as stories go, Aerora is my Dark Paladin.  She began as a crusader of the Light, and has been twisted by the Twilight’s Hammer and the Old Gods into something more menacing.

Keep an eye out next week, for my Alt Appreciation #PriestWeek post!

~ Effy

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