Alt Appreciation #RogueWeek

A Human Rogue

A Human Rogue

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has challenged bloggers with 11 weeks of Alt Appreciation!  I happen to be a huge altaholic, because I love leveling, love learning new classes/specs, and I most of all love writing stories for my many characters!  So I definitely felt this was a challenge I had to take on.

Here is my post for Week 8.


RogueWeek - Leveling Syliphae

I have a confession, for the altaholic I am, I do not have many Rogues.  In fact, prior to Sunday, I only had two (sort of).  I have tried to tell myself this is because Rogues cannot heal or tank, but a big part of the reason is because I have an irrational fear of stealthing.  <shudder>  I mean, how creepy is it to walk around unseen just waiting for someone to discover you?  D:  This is the stuff of nightmares… for me at least.

Anyway…  In talking about the fact that I had no idea what to write about in this particular post, Finalflame and I started talking about how much fun Rogues are to level through BGs.  I remember leveling Lycaohn, and it was quite fun.  So Final and I made two wee Rogues as one of many “side projects” we have going.  I created her on Whisperwind, where Final’s other guild moved to a few months ago.  (See?  I make some wee toons on Auchindoun with them and they leave!)

RogueWeek - PvPing Syliphae

So not only do I already have too many toons, which I am shamelessly illustrating to everyone in this Alt Appreciation series, but it is even inspiring me to create more!  Oh dear…

I am sure another story with Lycaohn is coming soon.  Something that spans the gap between Afterglow and First Sight.  But not today, unfortunately, as this post is already late and bumping in #ShamanWeek!

My Rogues

RogueWeek - LycaohnLycaohn is my “main” Rogue.  I use that term loosely since no Rogue is really a main character for me.  He started as a way to entertain myself with PvP, which I rarely do, but was one of the few things with which to occupy myself in the time period where I was not raiding.  Lycaohn has become more of interest to me as a story character, first as a tormented, vengeful soul, then as a man seeking redemption and peace, and then as a part time love interest for Effy.  Where will he go from there?  Who knows.  I certainly do not yet.

RogueWeek - IroneffyAhh, Ironeffy.  She was my sole attempt at the Ironman competition last expansion.  I wrote a few posts back on Effy’s RP while leveling her.  Oh, the heartbreak!  I was so broken hearted that I have not tried the Ironman again.  Someday, maybe.  Alas, now she just sits as a reminder of my failure.

RogueWeek - SyliphaeSyliphae is my newest lil Rogue.  For some reason, she does not want to show up on Armory.  So you just get a picture from the character screen.  I am not sure if she has a story yet, but she is mostly here for PvP when nothing else sounds interesting.  Beyond that remains to be seen.

Keep an eye out next week, for my Alt Appreciation #ShamanWeek post!

~ Effy

7 thoughts on “Alt Appreciation #RogueWeek

  1. I love the name Ironeffy! But I can appreciate your heartbreak – I have a paladin that I’m doing the Ironman Challenge on, she’s level 9 so far. I’d be upset if I failed and she died! But atleasy you didn’t delete your rogue – some people do. I decided that if my pala dies I’ll just level her like normal.

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