Lenity Set

Taurens taurens taurens!  Along with creating my Horde Monk, I also made a Pally on my other account.  At first, I leveled the two together, until I realized the Monk XP buffs would make it nearly impossible.  My Pally is waiting to be leveled, and I knew that I could not do that without creating a transmog for her.

Okie, so admittedly, while I am between semesters, I think I have gone a wee transmog-crazy.  So be it.  🙂

~ Effy

Lenity Set

Female Tauren Paladin - Front

Female Tauren Paladin – Front

Female Tauren Paladin - Back

Female Tauren Paladin – Back



Tharon'ja's Aegis

Tharon’ja’s Aegis


2 thoughts on “Lenity Set

  1. Wow, I really like this! I’ve been struggling with transmog (as well as RP ideas for her… *shudder*) and this looks just amazing. Ironically I have that shield and belt and have eyed parts of the Ulduar pally sets. Very well put together, thanks for sharing!

    • I am glad you like it! Yah, I too have been working on both stories and transmogs for my cow-Pally. 🙂 I am fond of most of the Ulduar sets, and I like the way it looks with the current tier’s wing shoulders. I am also fond of the T13 wing shoulders from Dragonsoul, but I figured SoO LFR will be far easier to work on with a not-yet-90 (once she gets there). Heh.

      I am not quite as familiar with the Horde side of things – story, quests, races, etc. – so I am looking forward to my Monk and Pally being a good starting point.

      ~ Effy

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