2013: What Was

2013 - What Was2013 was an interesting year.  I feel it was far better for me than 2012, which was even more trying emotionally than this year, but there are still more things that can improve in 2014!

In 2013:

DSClogoI got myself back on track emotionally and started my current job.  2011 and 2012 were tough, both emotionally and financially.  In April of this year, I started at my current job – Detroit Sponge – and I am very happy with my work and my colleagues.  Some counseling at the beginning of this year and and a boss that I work very well with, these both contributed to the second important thing that happened this year…

School DazeI went back to school for my first semester in 14 years.  In August, I signed up for classes at Washtenaw Community College to further my education and continue where I had left off by working toward a degree in Technical Writing with a minor and certificate in Web Design.

How to MW - StatsI changed my WoW and raiding main to my Monk, Ireenia.  Since starting to play WoW back in March 0f 2010 (it seems much longer than that…), Effy had always been my main.  I started raiding in ICC and raided with my Shaman through Tier 14.  Earlier this year, Undying Resolution was in need of a Mistweaver Monk, and I decided to change my main.  I miss my Shaman greatly, but I am enjoying Monking it up.

Last but certainly not least, I started seeing a wonderful guy who is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I know there has been little information in this regard here on my blog, but I think there will be a lot more coming soon.

Thank you to everyone in the WoW, blogging, and Twitter communities for a great 2013!  I cannot express how much I enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings about this game we all enjoy, this game that brings us all together.  Your continued patronage, comments, and support are appreciated and help me know what I do is enjoyed by someone other than just me.

~ Effy


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