In-Class Writing Prompt: The Shimmering Sand

Night Light Spotlight by Toni Grote -

Night Light Spotlight by Toni Grote –

Last night in my Creative Writing class, Jas asked us to write a short quick piece in-class.  He gave us a few prompts, and I decided on one to write about a memorable event that invoked strong emotion(s), without using the name of the emotion(s), only the feelings they caused.

I realized there is a very emotional moment in my life that I have never written about.  This is a very rough version, but I am posting it in the form in which I submitted it.

~ Effy

The Shimmering Sand

It was dark, near midnight.  My friend Jessica and I wandered far from the beachfront bar and the street lights and her car, the pale light of the moon and stars above us the only light.  By that illumination alone we walked, taking in the salty smell, the soft sand between our toes, the cool breeze sifting through our hair, and the soothing hiss of rolling waves.

With the man-made lights that signified humanity’s reach far behind us, we eventually decided to head back, but took pause for several moments to look out across the ocean.

It was my first encounter with it, though I was twenty at the time, and it seemed nothing short of magical.  The world felt huge, and myself suddenly very small in it.  It was a relevant thought at that exact point in my life.

Few words were exchanged as we stared across the black and silver-tipped waters.

Then, there was a sense of movement, though I knew it was not us.

Suddenly it seemed every grain of sand along the palely shimmering beach came to life and flowed toward the sleepy, lapping ocean waves.  Tiny clumps of sand heaved upward and outward, drawn to the sea, and leaving behind small pockmarks in the beach.

Several moments passed before the reality of it began to settle in upon me, reinforced by a look on Jessica’s face that surely mirrored my own.  Something was coming up out of the sand, something was moving slowly and clumsily down the beach and into the water – not merely one something, but dozens, perhaps hundreds, of tiny somethings.

“Ohhh!” Jessica breathed, coming to the reality of the situation at the same moment I did.

It was a beachful of baby sea turtles.

Elated and with purpose, we both set off assisting every tiny life we could into those protective waves.  We both whispered, as if to not offend their tiny ears, that every one deserved to make it safely into the water, every one would survive that most dangerous trek of a sea turtle’s life – the dash from egg to ocean.

Jessica and I saw to our task as the most serious of duties, though we also took great pleasure in it.  Later, we both rested sure we had done a good thing and we had witnessed something greater than ourselves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story and all related material are the original works of Awaiting the Muse and Jamie Roman AKA Effraeti. All rights reserved.
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