#WoW30 Challenge: Day One – Alliance or Horde

30Day - Day 1 - Alliance

Meat-Vendor’s prompt for Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge is the simple question:

Alliance or Horde?

Since the later half of Wrath of the Lich King, I have been an Alliance member, and mostly a Draenei.  Yes, yes, I am Wrath Baby.  Be gentle.

The Draenei are my favorite race – I love the race, the classes, and especially the lore (what little there is, because I happily fill in the blanks in my stories).  I originally started with a Night Elf Druid, because at that time (“back in my day…”) the free trial only included Vanilla.  But after my first day, I was hooked, and I knew I wanted to be a Draenei Shaman.

The next day, I bought WoW and BC, and Effraeti was born!

I have been mainly Alliance since.  My first max level Horde was a Tauren Pally back in Cata who later became a Draenei.  Then, I faction changed my Hunter, so I could at least run old content with Horde friends.  She has since been leveled to 90, as well.

More recently, I have been drawn more and more to the “other side” by my boyfriend, who mostly plays Horde now and runs a guild there.  Because of this, my Tauren Monk, Leilae, was born.  Eventually she will be 90.

I have always raided on Alliance.  Most of my raiding has been on my Shaman, Effy, but through most of Mists it has been my Monk, Ireenia.  It has only been within the past month I have quit raiding.

Because of my love of Draenei, especially considering all the time and effort I invest in my stories of Effy, I do not see me ever going to Horde exclusively.  Without raiding, though, I suppose anything is possible.  Besides, perhaps I do need some Horde-based stories…

But still I say: For the Alliance!

~ Effy

5 thoughts on “#WoW30 Challenge: Day One – Alliance or Horde

  1. It’s interesting. So far of the comments I’ve seen have all basically said “I play Alliance, but both factions are alright.” I mean at least you have an FTA at the end, but everyone seems relatively impartial. I wonder if the us versus them notion is no longer in play after all these years?

    • MoP was supposed to ignite the tension between the Horde and the Alliance, but I am not sure if the community is just not into it or if it was not implemented in the correct way. Either way, I think storywise there is benefit in the conflict, but as far as playability, less so.

      ~ Effy

      • Well, part of the problem I would suggest is due to the fact they pushed the whole war thing, again, and then showed the effects it had on Pandaria (negative) and then ultimately we once again set aside our differences to save the world.

        Outside of the lore, I think “most” of the us versus them are outside the blogging community.

  2. I see that most answers so far ive read are on the alliance side when they started. Yes JD Im one of those players who answers “I play Alliance, buit both factions are alright.” I don’t like conflicts and i will do on my own power to deal with it and prevent it and avoid it. But yes, some players just tend to do this type of games too personal. Next expansion is more into Draenai world so well see… But glad you enjoyed playing your characters Effy! Have fun!

    • I am very much looking forward to going to Draenor. I missed BC, and so this feels like my second chance at that, in some ways. I so want to see how beautiful it was before it was ripped apart.

      ~ Effy

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