#WoW30 Challenge


Amer over at Amer Priest Blog tweeted about a 30 Day Challenge presented by Meat-Vendor that she and some others are going to be participating in throughout the month April.  I think this would be a fun challenge to join!

There are no rules other than replying to the given prompt for each day.  There are also no rules for joining in – just pickup and go, if you are interested!

Meat-Vendor’s prompts are as follows:

  1. Alliance or Horde?
  2. Favorite Racial Leader (Alliance)
  3. Favorite Racial Leader (Horde)
  4. Favorite Race
  5. One Expansion
  6. Favorite Female Character
  7. Favorite Male Character
  8. Major City
  9. First Class
  10. Favorite Class
  11. Class You Want to Level
  12. Non-playable race you wish was playable
  13. Favorite Lore
  14. Battleground
  15. Best Tier set
  16. Favorite Leveling Zone
  17. Favorite Dungeon or Raid
  18. Scryer or Aldor?
  19. Memorable Quote
  20. Scenery Porn Zone
  21. Dragonflight
  22. An Old God
  23. Best End Game boss
  24. Favorite in-game religion/spirituality
  25. Favorite Official Trailer
  26. In-Game Cinematic
  27. Legendary Item
  28. Best Dance
  29. Favorite Mount
  30. Burning Legion or The Scourge?

So onward to Day 1!

~ Effy

10 thoughts on “#WoW30 Challenge

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