#WoW30 Challenge: Day Two – Favorite Racial Leader (Alliance)

WoW30 - Alliance Leader - Velen the Prophet 1

Meat-Vendor’s prompt for Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge is:

Favorite Racial Leader (Alliance)

WoW30 - Alliance Leader - Velen the Prophet 3

I suppose it will come as no surprise that my favorite racial leader for either side is Velen the Prophet.  I consider myself a Draenei through and through, and I have always found the stories surrounding the Draenei fascinating (perhaps even moreso because much of it is so vague).

It is part of why I write my stories of Effy, to fill in little pieces here and there.  Specifically, the flashback portion of As the Sun Sets gives a bit of made-up lore, as it takes place on an unknown planet before Draenor at some point while the Draenei are fleeing the Burning Legion.

Velen has led the Draenei for thousands of years.  He and his followers denied the Burning Legion and sided with the Naaru, and though it was the right thing to do, it has led them to be exiled, hunted, and nearly exterminated.  Velen has stuck to his path, even though he has prophesied that a greater battle between light and darkness is still to come.  The sacrifices of the Draenei are not over, but at least they have the Naaru and their Alliance allies to stand beside them.

Interested in Velen lore?

Check out Nobbel87’s video about Velen:

There is also the Know Your Lore article from WoW Insider where Anne Stickney discusses Velen, as well as the Leader Short Story on the Warcraft page, Prophet’s Lesson.

And for a last bit of interesting Draenei knowledge, I give you @Loreology:

WoW30 - Alliance Leader - Draenei Translations

~ Effy

WoW30 - Alliance Leader - Velen the Prophet 2

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