#WoW30 Challenge: Day Six – Favorite Female Character

WoW30 - Female - Effy and Effy

Meat-Vendor’s prompt for Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge is:

Favorite Female Character

WoW30 - Female - Laz and Effy

Well, being that my favorite race is Draenei, and my avatar and namesake, Effy, happens to be a Draenei, it probably goes without saying that Effy is my favorite female character.  There is no other character I love like Effy.

Back in Cataclysm, Effy and I had a rough patch of luck.  Healing was fundamentally changed, and it was quite an adjustment for me.  Then, I began to run into some issues with my raid team.  Then, the guy who got me into WoW in the first place and I broke up.

Raiding was not the same.  My Shaman was not the same.  WoW just was not the same.  And so I let a friend convince me to move to an RP server, and rather than move my toons, I restarted.

DK-Effy was born, because I had come to enjoy tanking on my original DK (my first tank in any MMO ever) and I still wanted to go by Effy.  I had become quite attached to her, even though I could not quite bring myself to play a Shaman anymore at that time.  There were too many memories attached to it and they soured my enjoyment.  A new class was needed, but I wanted some familiarity.

Part of the draw of being on an RP server was creating backstories for my characters.  I tried to decide on DK-Effy’s backstory.  Was it still Effy?  If so, how had she gone from Shaman to Death Knight?  Luckily, it was the one crossover in classes that really made sense.

One night, I got a burst of inspiration that would not leave my head until I wrote it down.  I could not sleep until it was out, and it still would not give me rest.  It needed a more exciting outlet than a notebook.  Effy’s RP and Regrets were the product of that inspiration.

Since then, Shaman-Effy and DK-Effy have become part of a story that has grown beyond anything I could have imagined when I created either of them.

~ Effy

OW-Characters - Effy

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