Where is Effy?


School is out, and it is my summer vacation.  But instead of having more time, it seems I have less.

I went full time at work the week after school let out, which means I am just starting my third week as full time.  A few weeks before, my work companion whom I have job-shared and worked with since starting at my job put in her notice.  Her last day came far too quickly – the week before my semester ended.  So now, I am full time and doing everything we both used to do, trying to train her replacement, trying to keep my boss and the guys in the warehouse organized, trying to finish projects, and trying to keep up with our busy season.

I am so stressed out.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided to work on an e-Marketing certificate over the summer.  I told myself several times to take the summer off, but I did not listen.  Most of these evening classes are just one night and have no homework or grading system – I pretty much just have to show up.  But between being stressed at work and having long days that do not end until 9pm when I have one of these classes, I basically come home and shut down.  Accomplishing anything at home has been… difficult, because my ambition is nil and my energy ranks in the negative.

I am so tired.

A huge glutton for punishment, that is what I am.

I have a huge list of things I need to accomplish.  My blog, and writing in general, sit very high on that list – I have an extensive list of posts I WANT to make.  I have a number of projects at work that are important, but being in our busy season and already working 40 hours per week makes them nearly impossible right now.  I have some personal goals as well, particularly to do with learning to better use social media (both personally and professionally), learning WordPress more in-depth, and some random writing goals I have.

I really, really need to get back to writing early in the morning.  It felt so good to do that – and be writing regularly.

Add this all to the fact that I have once more expanded the scope of my school goals…  Meaning, I am already working on an Associate’s degree in Technical Communication, and I am also working on a certificate in Web Design as my minor.  Now I am working on this e-Marketing certificate.  And I want to add to all of that a certificate in Graphic Design.

It just makes sense to me…  Technical writing, web design, graphic design, and e-marketing all work together coherently in my mind and I am using all of them to some degree in my current position.  Not to mention, I want to use them MORE in my current position – that is the ultimate goal of both my boss and myself.

I think I just want to go to school for the rest of my life.  Partly because I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up.  🙂

Right now, my goal is to pull myself out of my current funk and get myself motivated again.  I think to accomplish that, though, I need to get myself to a happier, more stable point at work.  Otherwise, I am just going to keep coming home, plopping down with my laptop, and staring at the screen or playing Hearthstone until I numbly shuffle off to bed.

One thing I have accomplished is updating my blog’s theme (again).  I like the responsive nature of this theme – meaning it looks good on the web, on a tablet, or a smartphone.  (Thank you, Web Coding classes, for teaching me about responsive design.)  But the only reason I have updated it is because one of my e-Marketing classes is focused on WordPress.  So since I was sitting there, ahead of everyone else because my blog already exists and is live, I was able to fiddle with some settings.

I have realized one thing about myself in regards to my blog… I need to stop committing myself to long periods of posting.  I did well for a while with the #AltAppreciation but I fell behind and could not bring myself to blog for weeks because I felt so guilty.  Then, I did well with the #WoW30 Challenge but once more I fell behind.  I tried to catch up, but finally got so far behind I could not look at my blog.

Finally, more than halfway through May, I am making this post.  It has been an effort of will, more effort than it should have been.  My goal is consistency, but I need to reach that consistency by my own means, not by forcing myself into a schedule.  I think the consistency needs to come in my writing, not so much in my posting.  If I write more, then more posts will inevitably follow.  It cannot work the other way around.

So that is an update on me.

~ Effy


6 thoughts on “Where is Effy?

  1. Good to hear from you, Effy. (hug)
    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I wish you all the best with completing everything you want to do at school, and having it benefit your work in all kinds of wonderful ways.
    Consistency in writing, through your own means and motivations, whether or not you actually post anything on a given day, sounds like a good blogging goal. I look forward to reading whatever you *do* publish. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Kamalia. I appreciate the support and knowing that even though my blogging has become more sporadic than I would like, there are still those who are reading. *hugs*

      Yes, I think finding my own happy place of how often I post is the most important thing I can do to make myself feel better about my schedule. The problem has not been ideas – I have lots of those – it is posting while my thoughts are still timely and relevant. I have missed a few opportunities lately… I suppose that is the nice part about posting stories, timeliness is less important. 🙂

      Thanks for sticking by me. ❤


  2. You are so busy! But I am happy to hear what you’ve been up to. I know you know, but never stress about blogging your readers will always be here and we do love the tidbits you wrote when you can 🙂 /hugs

    • Oh my goodness, I am! And I do not even have babies to chase around! I dunno what I would do then! Lol

      I was glad to finally be able to sit down and write an update. I really wanted to get it off my chest (other than in bits and pieces on Twitter). So that felt good to do. It is also one more way for me to try and kick myself in the butt and get more motivated.

      Thanks so much for the support. *hugs* It is much appreciated to know you are still here. You guys are a lot of the reason I do not just throw in the towel and give up when I fall behind like this. ❤

      ~ Effy

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