RIP Sabrina

Sabrina's Kitty Face

RIP 9/23/1995 – 5/28/2014

Yesterday, our kitty Sabrina went to kitty heaven with the help of our vet.  She lived a very long, happy life even for a kitty cat.  She was almost 19.

She was my very first kitty.  She came to us when I was still in high school.  My brothers found her in a snowbank in November – just a tiny black fluffball.  They brought her home, and she immediately become an indispensable part of our family.

They wanted to name her “Salem” but settled for Sabrina when we informed them she was a little girl.

Sabrina Cuddling with Mom

Sabrina Cuddling with Mom

Sabrina was always a spitfire.  I swear she thought she was a dog in many ways.  When she was younger, she would greet everyone at the door and demand a tithe of petting her before they could enter.  She would beg to put my dog to shame.  She would steal food – one night she stole an entire chicken breast right off my plate.  She loved macaroni and cheese and chocolate ice cream above all else.  She loved to play rough when she was little, but grew to be more laid back and cuddly as she got older.

She was the true queen of our house.  Everyone knew it – including the dogs.  When they did forget, she was quick to remind them with a quick snap of her paw.

She was an outdoor cat for a number of years, which was always nerve-wracking, because she had a tendency to disappear for days at a time.  It was much later that we learned she spent all of her free time with her litter-brother, Buford, down at our neighbor’s house.  This went on for years, until Buford met an unfortunate end on the busy main road near our house.  She never seemed quite so interested in wandering after that.  In fact, over the past four or five years, she lost interest in going outside and became more of a homebody, more interested in curling up on the couch with Mom.

Sabrina Playing with a Pipe Cleaner Toy

Sabrina Playing with a Pipe Cleaner Toy

For the longest time, Sabrina had a bad eye – mostly clouded over – but she seemed to see fine and retain her depth perception.  It never seemed to bother her.

She become a matted mess for a while after we lost our other cat, Jessie, a few years ago.  Mom and I are convinced it was Jessie who did most of the grooming for both of them.  But we brushed Sabrina until she was sick of it, and then she started grooming herself again.  Heh.

Earlier, Mom and I discussed the fact that Jessie and Sabrina are back together now, and this thought made us smile.  I hope they are both comfortable and happy wherever they are.

I imagine Jessie telling Sabrina she is a scruffy mess, and grooming Sabrina until she gets annoyed and shoos Jessie away with a hiss and a quick snap of a paw.  Then Jessie, shrugging it off, curling up with Sabrina until they both fall asleep.

At least, that is how I picture it, because it reminds me of how they were when they were with us.

~ Effy

Sabrina Cuddling with Ender

Sabrina Cuddling with Ender


13 thoughts on “RIP Sabrina

  1. Awwww 😦 I’m sorry for your loss. Losing our companions is always hard. It seems she had a good and long life tho and not every pets are that lucky unfortunately She was a lucky kitty that is for sure. 19 years, that is a long life for a companion which must make is so strange to now to not have her around anymore. Hopefully she is in kitty-heaven with her friend Jessie. Maybe they will meet my old cats Elvis and Donald who is up there to, beeing naughty kittys.
    I hope you manage to think about times.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s never easy losing a dear friend that gives you unconditional love for the time that they are with you. She will truly be missed.

  3. I am very happy I got to meet, know & pet her many a time.. thank you sweetie for sharing Sabrina not only with myself but with everyone with this blog. ❤

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