DBA Effy or What’s in a Name, the Redux

OW-Characters - EffyOne of the best things to come from my Creative Writing class this past winter?  Being pushed to submit some of my work for publication.

The thing currently holding me back?  Whether to submit my first work for publication under my IRL name or under my avatar name.

I am leaning towards using a pen name, because I have become so comfortable being “Effy.”

I have been Effraeti/Effy for about four years now.  I went by my avatar name Rosaelyn for longer than that, but I never felt as connected to that name as Effy.  Is it because I have been writing under Effy in addition to using it as my in-game name?  I think so.

I am also not sure HOW to officially label myself…  As Effraeti?  As Effy?  Is a single name okie, or do I still need a last name?  Would a single name be pretentious?  And what would I use as a last name if I decided to go in that direction?

My creative writing teacher, Jas, thinks I should make my pen name just “Effy.”  It makes sense.  It is both easier to write and easier to pronounce than “Effraeti.”  But I feel that “Effraeti” is my full avatar name and therefore should be my “official” pen name.

I guess I am writing this in the hopes of getting some feedback.

~ Effy

What do you all think?  What should be my “official” pen name?


9 thoughts on “DBA Effy or What’s in a Name, the Redux

  1. This is just me but I’ve always envisioned Effy writing the stories, it would seem so weird if someone else took credit. I know, I know, it’s not someone else but you know what I mean. I vote for Effy.

    • That is pretty much how I feel… I feel like “Effy” when I write, and it has always been comfortable to identify with her. And it might sound strange, but it feels different – more confident even – to write as Effy.

      Thanks for the vote. 🙂

      ~ Effy

    • I have been thinking about that – the legalities of using a pen name. My creative writing teacher said that filing a DBA is fairly simple, and that and a separate checking account would be all I would need to get myself setup.

      I am still not completely sold on just “Effy.” I fear it sounds pretentious to have a single name – like I am comparing myself to Madonna or Prince or something.

      All of my creative writing assignments I would turn in as Jamie “Effy” Roman, just to be sure my teacher knew who wrote them. He was the one who started this whole train of thought, since he started calling me “Effy” from just about day one after reading my blog. I guess I should not be surprised to be encouraged in this direction by someone who goes by “Jas.” 😀

      ~ Effy

  2. If you were submitting your work to, say, a Blizzard writing competition, which name would you use? I don’t remember the results postings well enough to recall if all the winning & honorable mention entries are listed with real names, or if some of them use pseudonyms. If you were hired to write about WoW for money, either by Blizzard or by a site like WoW Insider, you’d end up having to use your real name anyway — so I vote for using your real name. I’d think that having published works under your real name rather than a pseudonym would probably look better on your CV, too. You can attempt to use a pseudonym (and then get outed by style comparison software anyway) after you’re already rich and famous, like JK Rowling 😉 Best of luck with getting your writing published somewhere — that would be so exciting if it happens!

    • That is also a very good point. I did not searching, and it looks like all of the winners and mentions were posted with real names (well, at least for 2009, 2010, and 2011 – I figured the point was made after that). Bah, I would so like to somehow make Effy work as my pen name! I will have to think on this some more it seems!

      ~ Effy

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