Wax Poetic: Without


What a strange couple of weeks.  I have been tired and stressed and feeling out of place whenever I am not working.  Well, it being summer and me having no interest in WoW lately, work is all I have been doing.  I have been trying to play Hearthstone here and there, but I just get frustrated with it.  And I seem to have no energy or imagination leftover for my own writing after all of the writing I have been doing for work.  I haven’t even been reading.

The realization I have come to?

  • I am a gamer without a game.
  • I am a writer without a story.
  • I am a reader without a book.
  • I am a student without a class.

Don’t get me wrong – I am greatly enjoying what I am doing at work.  It is exactly what I have been wanting to do.  It is what I enjoy.  It is what I am going to school for.  And I want to do it to the best of my abilities.  Which at this point is taking a large chunk of time.

As for school, I am anxious about returning to school.  I have spent all summer working full-time and I finally feel like to am getting to a point where I am comfortable with the schedule and everything expected of me.  Now, I am less than a month from going back to school, going back to part-time, and having to reorganize myself all over again.

Am I going to have enough time for all of the things I need to do?  14 credit hours of school and only 24 hours of work.  Am I going to have enough time for homework and my social media/advertising expectations?  Am I going to have enough time to keep up on all of the responsibilities I have taken on in the office?  Not to mention still having a home life and down time.

One of the biggest things I think I need to do for my own sanity is to get a few weeks ahead.  I am an eternal procrastinator, but I think getting blog posts, social media posts, and advertising pieces scheduled ahead of time would be the best way to handle things.  It would give me better room to plan.  It would give me better time for homework.

Hopefully, I can get ahead of schedule.  Hopefully, I can make myself a better schedule to work around once I am more on top of and ahead of things.  Hopefully, I can fit everything in without making myself crazy.  And hopefully, I can still find time for myself, to write the things I want to write and maybe even get some personal reading in there again.

~ Effy


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