Worldbuilding – Session 2: Captivated (Revised)

Week 2 of my writing class was focused on monsters!

This week’s writing prompt:

Write a short scene of 500-1500 words in which you describe in detail one monster or alien. As you did with magic and technology, give it a reason for being, limits to its power, and an emotional/story context—but show us this monster through the reactions of a character, and demonstrate its powers and weaknesses by what it does.

I wanted to write a piece about dragons and found my piece Captivated from a while back.  I have been meaning to expand upon this piece and this seemed like a good opportunity.  I know this is a subtle monster, but I still felt he was unpredictable enough to be scary or at least untrustworthy.


~ Effy

Captivated (Revised)

A Fantasy Town

A Fantasy Town, by emendoza on Deviantart

What a mistake coming to Farnx had been, Leilae realized with despondence.  She found herself lost and completely out of her element.  Her money ran low and her stomach ran empty.  Hunger and confusion ruled her as she faced tall buildings that ran together and formed endless rows and blocks in every direction.  Every road, every intersection, looked the same.

She longed for the open sky and the waving grasses of her home in the Plains of Erin at the feet of the Dragon’s Teeth.  She missed the protective boughs of the mountain pines and birches that formed the border between the plains and the mountains.

There were no trees in Farnx.  She wondered how the residents could breathe here without living greenery.

Leilae noticed a man watching her.  He wore luxurious clothing of dark green, the color of pine needles.  His features were dark, as was his hair.  His eyes flashed golden from that darkness and made her brief noticing become a long gaze.

She could not recall him being there a moment before.  He had walked up from a side street?  Leilae didn’t think so.

“Are you lost, my dear?  You look lost.”

The way he sensually stretched out his S’s as he spoke intrigued her in the most disturbing way, but it was more than the strange-eyed man’s particular manner of speaking that left Leilae feeling drawn in by him.  Those eyes captivated her, gold-flecked and appearing almost luminescent, glowing from beneath his thick, dark eyebrows.  Those eyes drew her in so as to make her forget the fact he had seemingly appeared from thin air.

He wasted no time on introduction.

“It would please me greatly if you would allow me to buy you dinner, lovely miss.”  He made a sweeping bow that caused the dark jade-colored cape about his shoulders to fall forward on either side.  When he straightened, it rustled back into place, but not before Leilae thought of his arms as wings and the fabric dangling from them as great webbing.

Everything about him seemed out of place and yet just right.

“I-I…” Leilae stammered.

“Ahh, but I have left you speechless,” the man said with a hint of a smile pulling up the edges of his well-trimmed goatee.  “Forgive me and my rudeness.  I have not even introduced myself.  I am Cern.”  He held out his hand for hers as he drew out the S-sound in his name, until it sounded like “Sssern.”

“Leilae,” the woman finally managed in a breathy whisper, still captivated by his very presence.  She let him take her hand, and he kissed it briefly, the whiskers on his upper lip tickling the soft skin there.  Just that short contact sent a ripple of electricity through her, making all her hair stand on end.

“Beautiful,” he purred as her face grew warm.

“I saw you from across the way, and knew I had to become acquainted with you,” Cern said, filling in the gaps of her end of the conversation and leaving none of the awkward pauses that would have been there otherwise.  “I am always surprised and delighted by the workings of… women… but never so much as I am with you.  So you must forgive me for being so forward.”

Every S that tumbled from his lips in a perfect line like soldiers going to war drew her in further.

“Say ‘yes’ to dining with me.  You must,” Cern implored, his eyes dancing and glinting like tumbling gold coins.

“Yes,” Leilae said before any thought otherwise could even form in her mind.

The responding smile brightened his whole face and framed his gleaming white teeth–teeth that were almost too white and too perfectly formed–with the black of his goatee.  For a moment, the young woman thought those teeth looked unusually sharp, but the thought flitted away as Cern reached out to her.

He took her arm and tucked it inside of his own, leading her along the cobbled road.  His clothes felt velvety beneath her fingers, the muscles of his forearm thick and taunt.  A scent like pine needles cloaked him, and Leilae found herself feeling more at home than since she had arrived in the city.

It did not even occur to her that she had forgotten her purpose for being in Farnx as she once more looked up into Cern’s golden, brilliant, hypnotizing eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A Green Dragon

A Green Dragon, by sandara on Deviantart

Side Note: I find it amusing that everyone in my class so far has assumed Cern is a vampire.  I suppose it is fitting, but Cern is less threatening and more unpredictable than that.  Cern (Cernunnos) is a green dragon – debonair and hypnotizing but chaotic and self-indulgent.  He is impetuous and enjoys meddling in the affairs of the short-lived races.  I haven’t decided yet whether his intentions with Leilae are noble, devious, or just another temporary amusement for him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story and all related material are the original works of Awaiting the Muse and Effy J. Roan AKA Effraeti. All rights reserved.
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