Worldbuilding – Session 3: The World of Dadreon

This week’s assignment was a little different.  We talked about people and culture and how to weave these into your stories.  This is something I have been heavily interested in regarding my own fantasy world, Dadreon, for many years.  So I hope this piece gives a little bit more information about the whole of my world.

The writing prompt was as follows:

Using the paragraph from George Orwell’s essay for inspiration, distill your world’s popular culture into a couple paragraphs. Orwell did it in 205 words, so try for the same length.

The essay excerpt being referred to is the one below…

George Orwell’s “The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius”:

But in all societies the common people must live to some extent against the existing order. The genuinely popular culture of England is something that goes on beneath the surface, unofficially and more or less frowned on by the authorities. One thing one notices if one looks directly at the common people, especially in the big towns, is that they are not puritanical. They are inveterate gamblers, drink as much beer as their wages will permit, are devoted to bawdy jokes, and use probably the foulest language in the world. They have to satisfy these tastes in the face of astonishing, hypocritical laws (licensing laws, lottery acts, etc., etc.) which are designed to interfere with everybody but in practice allow everything to happen. Also, the common people are without definite religious belief, and have been so for centuries.

One can learn a good deal about the spirit of England from the comic coloured postcards that you see in the windows of cheap stationers’ shops. These things are a sort of diary upon which the English people have unconsciously recorded themselves. Their old-fashioned outlook, their graded snobberies, their mixture of bawdiness and hypocrisy, their extreme gentleness, their deeply moral attitude to life, are all mirrored there.

I think I may use this piece for the introduction page to my stories of Dadreon here on the blog.

I hope this little intro excites you into further reading as it inspires me to want to write more!  Enjoy!

~ Effy

The World of Dadreon

Earth from Space

The Sandrae of old was a different place than this one where we fight for our very existence today. The creatures, the magic, and even the land have changed drastically since the Shattering.

Then, the gods were present and involved in the happenings of the short-lived races. Now, we barely feel their presence, if they even still exist, and we hear of them only through the words of priests and clerics. Then, the elves protected the land and their magic touched everything. Now, they are scarce, driven into hiding by the xenophobic humans. Then, the world of Dadreon was one land, with Sandrae at its center. Now, the land is broken and has split into several separate continents. Then, the creatures of the land lived in harmony. Now, evil humanoids, monsters, and Outsiders roam the land, subduing the gentler folk. Then, nature was at peace and our land was a temperate paradise. Now, eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and arctic weather plague our once peaceful land. Then, the Dracolords, the Sylvan, and the Avar were the guardians of this world. Now, the creator races are shattered, scattered, and hidden from us.

Few know the truth of the present, and fewer know the past.

Remembering the past and cataloging the present is the job of the historians of the reclusive and mentally powerful Avar, and they keep this knowledge locked away and safe. The Sylvan are all but a memory, mere folklore, hidden away in the deepest, oldest remnants of the forests of Sandrae. The Dracolords, protectors of the elements, have been destroyed and their chromatic and metallic children are all that remains of their former greatness. The dragons, obsessed with the use of the newly discovered, wild and unpredictable Arcane magic, make the land more unstable and more chaotic.

This is the land of Sandrae, the center of the world of Dadreon. This is a land of disaster, dragons, and danger. Tread lightly and be prepared for anything.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story and all related material are the original works of Awaiting the Muse and Effy J. Roan AKA Effraeti. All rights reserved.
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