Guest Post – Ruins of Flushtopia

I’m very very excited to present a guest post, by my boyfriend, Joe–some of you may know him better as WoWMartiean.

This morning, we came across a great writing prompt by Chuck Wendig on the blog Terrible Minds. It was actually the second prompt of his I have found and been inspired by.

We randomly chose the three items: a strange bird, end of the world, and war.

I wrote a piece (which I promise to post soon) and Joe admitted he had thought to go a different way. After breakfast, he was so inspired, he actually disappeared for a half hour or so and churned out THIS.

Joe is always insisting he is no writer. I think you will agree that this proves otherwise. Please let me know what you think and/or give Joe a shout on Twitter (@wowmartiean).

~ Effy

Ruins of Flushtopia


There once was a world named Flushtopia, for it was flush with open skies, blue oceans and a plethora of wondrous creatures.  These creatures had beauty and splendor, but even more so, some possessed almost supernatural powers.  The smookies, as much as they left a foul order behind them, had amazing healing abilities.  The children often spoke of how horrible it was to be sick, being forced to cuddle with a smookie overnight just to be well enough for school the next day. A moth-like creature, the rompf, was rare and it was a sign of prominence in society to own one. The rompf would glow and sing on the 25th of every month, so most often that was when the high society of Flushtopia would hold their galas. On the other hand, not all the animals possessed such positive aspects.  The flying squack for example could be used for terrible purposes, most often when there was a grudge to be settled, or a battle was about to ensue.  The squacks had the unfortunate, unstable chemical imbalance within them that once struck hard enough they would explode on impact with a loud “SQUAAAAACK” sound.

But not all was always grand in Flushtopia.  The Isles of Turgot, on one side of the world, were ruled by Chancellor Monroe and his wife, the Supreme Chancellor Divonea.  Though they both technically possessed the same amount of power, Divonea demanded a higher title of Supreme Chancellor, just because she could push Monroe around.  Divonea dearly wanted to possess one of every type of creature Flushtopia had to offer, for display in their home and especially to show off at the monthly gala.  Whatever extras could be housed in a museum, or perhaps even allowed to roam free or be collected by the rest of the masses who inhabited Turgot.

On the other side of the world, was the Union of Purgot.  One giant land mass, unlike the Isles of Turgot, it was ruled over by Prime Minister Dunlop and his first in command, and life partner, General Wiggins. These two LOVED their galas as well, so it was important that they collect the most elegant and rare creatures to adorn the great hall of Purgot every month also.

The explorers and collectors of Flushtopia would constantly be scouring and camping the different nooks and crannies of Purgot and Turgot, hoping to meet the needs for each monthly gala.  One day, rumors began to circulate amongst the collector community of a very strange green and yellow bird being seen on one of the tiny islands of Turgot.  It was said to emit a beautiful golden hue and golden sparks which would randomly pop off its body like very expensive fireworks. The main reason collectors were really intrigued by this bird was it the only one of its kind every sighted.  A one of a kind creature, with powers one could only dream of, would fetch quite the prize with their respected leaders, and maybe even a position on the counsels.  Now, the collectors of Purgot were not allowed to be crossing into Turgot territory, and they wouldn’t… at least as far as anyone on that side of the world knew.  Some Purgot collectors, however, were able to infiltrate the inner circles with the Turgot and work from within without being suspected.

Upon hearing about this elusive creature, Divonea was on a mission to possess it.  With only 2 days before the next gala, she was almost crazed about making it her own.  Surely this would be the crown jewel of her collection!  She dreamed of the beauty it possessed, from all she had heard about, much less what more was in store once the beast was caught.  Chancellor Monroe scurried about, putting out messages to all the fleets around the Isles to cease any operations and locate that bird.

Purgot’s Prime Minister Dunlop was on a similar mission, if not only to show it off at the gala and prove once and for all that his kingdom was superior but more simply so Divonea and the rest of her kingdom could not get their hands on it.  General Wiggins sent out orders furiously to those undercover on the Isles as well as sending out his troops and most of their fleet to the other side of the world.  Yes, it was forbidden per the bylaws of 1502 and section C, sub-section B, stated the severe consequences of such actions, but this was different.  This was a one of a kind creature that could tip the balance in the eyes of both societies,  The one who lost out on this bird could slowly find themselves in an economic down turn.  The inhabitants would lose faith and hope, some might even do the unthinkable and switch citizenry!  No, this could happen, not to Purgot.  They unionized so very long again to avoid such dilemmas and strengthen their superiority.

Word got out of the Purgot incursion, and Divonea was not having any of it.  One of their largest islands housed their weapons of mass destruction and though they hadn’t been often spoken of, they were there and Divonea was not afraid to use them.  She was enraged at the idea of this incursion, but more so… at losing out on this creature to the Purgotians. As the Purgot fleet approached the Isles of Turgot, Divonea sent out a decree that any and all invaders would be destroyed on sight, and that is just what happened.  As many a Purgot ship was hit and tossed across the ocean waves, they had no choice but to return fire.  The Purgot turrets and missiles began to riddle the beaches of the islands, raising the stakes that much more for Divonea.   Once those missiles and bombs headed towards the mainland, and the Turgot palace, Divonea had finally had enough… this was war and it was time to unleash the big weapons only spoken about in whispers around the great halls.  If their mainland was going to suffer, than so was Purgot’s, and so it was.  From underground, a series of huge missiles arose, on board they carried the secret weapon, hundreds upon hundreds of the flying squacks!  Unfortunately they had no choice in where they flew, as they had unwittingly, unmercifully been tied to each missile that was pointed directly at the Purgot forces, and the heart of Purgot itself.

When the smoke cleared, the kingdoms of Turgot and Purgot were dust. The world of Flushtopia, as anyone ever knew it, was ended.  No one survived.. not even a smookie with its healing abilities could be seen.  All there was left was a rare, mysterious green and yellow bird, protected by its golden, protective shield and the gorgeous, yellow fireworks popping off its feathers, and no one, but no one to truly appreciate its life and beauty anymore.

The green and gold bird

The green and gold bird


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