National Poetry Month – Week 1

Book of Poetry

Happy Poetry Month! Lately I have been trying my hand at Twitter writing prompts from various different people. They’re all on my Twitter account, but I figured it would be fun to post them here once a week, at least during the month of April!

Let me know what you think. Which is your favorite? (I am especially fond of the ones that reference dragons.)

~ Effy

Twitter Prompt Poetry

Wings snap and catch
The whipping wind
As I feel my
Spirit Rising
And the ground
Fall away

Cut my heart with
And indifference.
I surrender to
The painful numbness.

How do we salvage
This tangled wreckage,
This smoldering heap,
This ruined fortress,
These bleeding hearts?

Remember last night
As the end of
A dark chapter.
See today
As the start of
A brighter one.

He thought he could
Sneak into my lair,
Steal my gold,
Escape without harm.
But I own the knight.

Twist the tainted blade
That pierced my soul.
It siphons my life
And shrivels my veins,
Leaving an empty husk.

Shedding the skin of past lives,
In fire consumed and reborn.
She is the phoenix.
Excerpt from: Hope

Maple, birch, oak,
All stand and gloat
Springing green leaves.
While the pine
Stands silent,

It shrouded her
Like a silky crimson cloak,
Before soaking into
Dry hardpack below.
Life and warmth absorbed.

Scaled wings,
Taloned claws,
Burning rage–
Chaos ascending.
Looping lazily
Breathing terror
As death rains
And order falls away.

Suave words, tender looks,
Fool me into loving you.
Romance and promises,
Too good and never true.

Only when I see
The scorched skeletons
Among gold and gems
Do I realize the folly of
My last adventure.

First rule of summoning:
Never trust
The demon’s appeals.
It always tempts
But never reveals
The truth of all
It’s scheming deals.

Similar to
Wander off.
The difference lies
In the intention
Or lack thereof.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story and all related material are the original works of Awaiting the Muse and Effy J. Roan AKA Effraeti. All rights reserved.
Creative Commons License
Awaiting the Muse by Effy J. Roan AKA Effraeti is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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