National Poetry Month – Week 2

Laptop and grassy field

Poetry month continues, so here are some more Twitter poems from prompts.


~ Effy

Twitter Prompt Poetry

If I falter
Pick me up.
If I wander
Bring me back.
But never will I
Forget my promise.

Orange, yellow, red,
Flames burn away
My fears
As the fire of
Our passion
Consumes me.

A heart with no scars
Is a heart that never knew love.
No one escapes unscathed.

The secret life of dragons
Leads one to realize
The depths of their emotion.
But first one must get past
Claws, teeth, and flames.

Necromantic magic
In the gloom
Of deepest bog,
Reflects a soul
Devoid of light
And heart of
Blackest obsidian.

Surely this must be
Another person
Another life
I see?
Surely it is not me
With another

Tumbling, gasping,
Drowning in a sea
Of failed romances
And bitter memory
Wishing for someone
To bring me
Back to shore

I’m really a big cuddly teddy bear–
But no one can see past the claws and teeth.
~ True dragon confessions

Every moment
Feels like a slow poison
Creeping through my veins
Then I realize
What doesn’t kill me
Makes me stronger

I’m all too familiar
With your danger.
Passion and excitement
That ends in
A flood of
And tears.

That moment when
The rising sun
Hits the morning dew and
Flares to life
In a rainbow dance
of awakening.

When dealing with dragons
Craft your words carefully.
You never know what phrase
Might provoke or appease
The chaotic being.

Haikus (This Week and Some Older)

Such a bleeding heart
Open a vein and show it
Around for retweets.

Rainy, wet school day.
Dodging raindrops and earthworms.
Ahh, the smells of spring.

Reading in the rain–
Droplets on sheet metal roof
Causing fogged windows.

Thawing and melting,
Smells of rich, life-giving sod.
Potential for growth.

Warm sun and cool breeze,
Birds are singing in the trees.
Lunchtime R & R.

All love got me is
Hoarse and unheard. Like a dog
Chained to a dead tree.

Palpable tendrils
Floating through the air — waves of

And fantastic ideas, floating
Through the air, unbound.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story and all related material are the original works of Awaiting the Muse and Effy J. Roan AKA Effraeti. All rights reserved.
Creative Commons License
Awaiting the Muse by Effy J. Roan AKA Effraeti is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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