Standoff (Drabble)

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This week, even though it was a shorter one, was exhausting. I’m training a new person at work and still trying to get all of my regular responsibilities taken care of. Friday was Ender’s birthday. She turned 16 and it will be the last time I get to celebrate it with her. And next week is my brother’s wedding. I’m tired and stressed out. And to add to all of it, I had a less than stellar check-up at the doctor’s recently. I’m getting old and my body seems to be in revolt. So now I’m going to be on a few medications. Bummer. Maybe it’s why I feel so crappy lately.

BUT I’m making sure I try I stay creatively engaged. I’m currently working on some character profiles for my main characters and some of my major point of view characters. I’m writing their histories up to when their stories start and their flaws. Then I want to add some information about what they want and what’s preventing them.

I think this and some drabbles is the best I can do until after the wedding and getting our new person up to speed and taking care of Ender…

This week’s drabble is part of a larger piece and the first sentence is actually from a writing prompt shared on Facebook. Enjoy!

~ Effy

Standoff (Drabble)

Two thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win. No one would win this war.

On one side stood the elves, keepers of the land, tenders of the ancient trees. On the other, the humans waited, strangers in a strange land and fighting for their independence.

Dark forces pulled the strings. A jealous god plotted as his puppets played out a bloody drama. Ancient monsters teemed below, awaiting their opportunity.

Warriors shifted on restless legs. Magi fingered magical components. Horses paced as griffons and pegasi stood stoic. The Sunstone warbled mournfully.

The world held its breath.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This story and all related material are the original works of Awaiting the Muse and Effy J. Roan AKA Effraeti. All rights reserved.
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2 thoughts on “Standoff (Drabble)

  1. Hope everything goes well with the wedding and so forth!

    Your profile on Mr & Mrs WoW’s “Couples Who Slay Together” was so cute! After all your relationship woes during the first few years that I knew you, I’m so happy for you that you have this happy, stable relationship now 😀

  2. Took a few moments for me to figure out where I’d seen that woman before in Mr & Mrs WoW’s “Couples Who Slay Together” blog – thanks for sharing all of that and I’ve enjoyed your writing in the past too.

    Good luck with the wedding and all of the things going on in your life. Sometimes RL can get to be too busy. *hugs* 😀

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