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When I first started blogging, it was while playing World of Warcraft on a roleplaying server. I created characters there and those characters needed stories. Those stories bore my original blog, Effraeti’s RP. I started what became a series of fanfiction pieces about my main Effraeti and various other characters of mine.

During a transitional time for me, I tried other games and wrote other stories, and my old blog did not seem adequate to contain everything anymore. That brought me here. Eventually, those same transitions brought me back to WoW. Awaiting the Muse seems more fitting to me, because I feel it gives me the freedom to write about whatever.

These days, I have shifted my focus more towards work and school, and I am no longer playing WoW. I’m working towards finishing my Technical Writing degree and once that is complete, perhaps persuing a degree in Creative Writing. We shall see. I love going to school and I think I would be happy continuing it for a long time yet, but sometimes balancing work and school gets complicated.

Among everything, I try to always be writing something. It is the periods in my life when I am writing that I am most happy. So it seems the most logical course. I don’t write much fanfiction anymore, it seemed to be a pasttime that couldn’t go forward. I can’t make money off fanfiction. Even if I could, it would feel wrong to make money off someone else’s worlds.

I’d rather build and expand my own.

It is my world of Dadreon that I focus on most now. I have been writing short stories in that world of my own creation. Someday, maybe there will be a book. I don’t ever expect to make a living as a writer (at least as a fantasy writer), but I do hope to get something published. My blog is great for increasing the view of my work, but I want to keep moving forward.

As I mention in this blog’s tagline, the life of the writer is often fraught with waiting. I am constantly at the mercy of the muses. So in between stories, expect to see real life ramblings, school projects, writing prompt pieces, and maybe even some poetry.

~ Effy

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