Saturday Fun

Saturday - HalionIt’s Saturday, and there was not much going on.  So Finalflame and I decided to work on random achievements.  Only Final decided that Halion 25man Heroic was a good thing to try…  Okie.  Wait, with just two of us?  lol  The trash was not too bad, but we had to get some friends for Halion…

The final tally was Final and I, a Smite Priest, a Blood DK, a Prot Pally, and a Rogue.

Saturday - Halion 25man Heroic

Since we were only a stone’s throw from the Obsidian Sanctum, we went there next, for the fastest OS3D I have ever seen!

Saturday - OS3D

The cool part?  The Twilight Drake dropped!  Even cooler?  I won the roll!  OMGOMGOMG!

Saturday - Twilight Drake

Now off to some ICC 25man Heroic kills.

~ Effy