Pet Battle Cheatsheet

Strengths (50% Extra Damage)

  • Aquatic >> Strong Against >> Elemental
  • Beast >> Strong Against >> Critter
  • Critter >> Strong Against >> Undead
  • Dragonkin >> Strong Against >> Magic
  • Elemental >> Strong Against >> Mechanical
  • Flying >> Strong Against >> Aquatic
  • Humanoid >> Strong Against >> Dragonkin
  • Magic >> Strong Against >> Flying
  • Mechanical >> Strong Against >> Beast
  • Undead >> Strong Against >> Humanoid

Weaknesses (33% Less Damage)

  • Aquatic — Weak Against — Magic
  • Beast — Weak Against — Flying
  • Critter — Weak Against — Humanoid
  • Dragonkin — Weak Against — Undead
  • Elemental — Weak Against — Critter
  • Flying — Weak Against — Dragonkin
  • Humanoid — Weak Against — Beast
  • Magic — Weak Against — Mechanical
  • Mechanical — Weak Against — Elemental
  • Undead — Weak Against — Aquatic

Passive Abilities

  • Aquatic – Harmful Damage Over Time is reduced by 25%
  • Beast – Deal 25% additional damage while below 50% health
  • Critter – Break out of CC quicker
  • Dragonkin – Deal 50% additional damage the round after reducing an enemy below 25%
  • Elemental – Ignore all weather effects
  • Flying – Gain 50% additional speed above 50% health
  • Humanoid – Recover 4% maximum health each round they deal damage
  • Magic – Cannot be dealt more than 40% of their maximum health in one attack
  • Mechanical – Come back once per battle at 20% health
  • Undead – Return to life for one round when killed




Bleeding – DoT

Burning – DoT


Poisoned – DoT

Sleep – Incapacitate

Stunned – Incapacitate


Weather Effects

Arcane Storm – Pets cannot be stunned or rooted

Blizzard – All pets are considered “Chilled”

Cleansing Rain – The duration of all Damage over Time effects are reduced by 1 round and Aquatic pets do 25% more damage

Darkness – All pets are considered “Blinded” and all healing received is reduced by 50%

Lightning Storm – All pets deal bonus Mechanical damage and Mechanical abilities do 10% additional damage

Moonlight – All pets receive 25% additional healing and Magic abilities do 10% additional damage

Muddy – Pets entering the battle are Rooted for 3 rounds

Sandstorm – Pets take less damage and the accuracy of all abilities is reduced by 10%

Scorched Earth – All pets are considered “Burning” and take Dragonkin damage per round

Sunny Day – Pets gain 100% additional maximum health and all healing done is increased by 25%

51 thoughts on “Pet Battle Cheatsheet

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  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together online! I was having a hard time understanding how the whole pet thing worked and what pets worked best against other pets. A great big thank you from me an avid WoW player! =)

  3. Indeed Effy. Thanks for this guide. It’s really made pet battles so much easier and fun. 🙂

    Grateful in Fort Worth.

  4. Thank you Effy! I book marked this page and use it every time I’m doing a pet battle…..I think I might even print it out and laminate it…..but then I’d have to admit I have an addiction to pet battles and I’m not sure if I’m ready to admit that just yet lol 😀

  5. I had to make an account just to pop into the comments and tell you how much I love your cheatsheet. I keep it open on a tab on my Internet browser and I use it every day. Thank you very much for making it!

  6. THANK YOU!!! Been bugging a few peeps to put together a chart! Now I have your brainiac page to guide me!

  7. I am getting back into WoW after a few years away. Still catching up with pet battles… So glad I found you and this post! You rock, Sweetie! Thanks much!

  8. So, I just barely got back into the game after being gone for years. Still learning all the new content. You have no idea how much time this has saved me, Effy. I was tearing my hair out everytime I had to fight Beegle Blastfuse for dailies. It would take me a dozen fights, sometimes more. First time I used your guide, I beat him on the first try. Now I’m flying through dailies and gearing up to start the pvp battles! You should feel a sense of pride and satisfaction for all the people this has helped. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  9. I saved your sheet into my WoW shortcut folder and find myself referring to it more than any other shortcut in there. So informative and well put together. Thank you.

  10. Just wanted to let you know how useful this has remained! Like the previous poster, I just got back into the game after a hiatus of several years. I keep your little cheat sheet bookmarked on my Chrome toolbar because I use it every single night!

  11. Just to update/refresh your awesome job 😉
    Since 8.3 BfA new weather has been added: Toxic Fumes. Deals (x) Dragonkin damage and turns the weather into toxic gas for 9 rounds.
    During toxic gas, the duration of all hostile damage over time effects is increased by 1 round, and all pets are considered Poisoned.. Also, new condition has been added to Call Blizzard, which right now also makes all elemental abilities to do 25% more damage, as well as to Mudslide, which right now also makes all critical attacks to do 25% more damage. Hope it helps a bit ;).

  12. This page is so concise and clear! … I’m a newby pet battler and this is way better then the chart kind of setups. Thanks a lot!

  13. You have no idea the difference this made from someone whos absolutely clueless about pet battles. Than you so much for the time and effort this musta taken. Very informatice easy to use and just an amazing guide.

  14. i took mild brain damage when i was born (58) now…it stole my short term memories among other things, and without this wonderful resource id have given up on doing any pet battles…took me forever to find it though lol (that’s a me thing) but thank you so very much

  15. This information is seemingly timeless. I didn’t even start playing WoW until about the last time there was a comment on this page. However, I find this cheat sheet helpful almost every time I play! Thank you so much for putting it together and keeping it available.

  16. This is probably one of the most CLEAR and informative posts relating to ANYTHING WoW that’s on the internet. You can’t get this kind of clear, concise info. from the game or the pretentious mouth breathers on Wowhead. I’ve been using this reference for years and just want you to know, if I had my way there would be a statue erected in your honor for this post alone.

  17. Here it is several years later, and you’re still helping the community with this. Thank you so much 🙂

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