Lady Amaeris “Mutt” Wolfsbane, Youngest Daughter of House Wolfsbane – Gilnean Beast Mastery Hunter

  • Name origin: An internet werewolf name generator
  • Favorite outfits: WIP
  • Pets: Junkyard, the Mastiff (from Mutt and Junkyard in G.I. Joe); Talah, the Nightsaber (the Kaldorei word for “death” or “night”); Gwaehiir, the Stormcrow (from the Giant eagle in LotR)
  • Description: By the fierce look in this woman’s blue eyes, you imagine that her temper closely matches her fiery hair.  Her locks are tousled and her face smudged from travel, her armor more practical than feminine.  She looks as though the close quarters of other people in the city make her uncomfortable.

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