Kal’Dorei Set

Alternate – Pauldrons of Sufferance and the Cloak of Cheerful Flowers

When I started this outfit, I had no idea how hard it would be to match pieces to this robe.  For some reason, I did not want to use the matching shoulders (the Pauldrons of Sufferance – above), which obviously look good with the robe.

Note: the two alternates (above and below) are pictured with the Cloak of Cheerful Flowers.

I wanted to use THESE shoulders (below)!  These shoulders would look PERFECT!  Damn you, Blizzard, for taking out all the original Naxx gear and replacing it with sorry imitations of a Level 80 variety.  <sigh>

Shoulderpads of Faith

Anyway… here is the outfit I finally put together.  Still using some gorgeous winged shoulders, but of a slightly different color, which required changing the cloak to draw the outfit together.

Female Night Elf Priest – Front
Female Night Elf Priest – Back
Staff of the Hallowed

I love this robe, and it and the Pauldrons of Sufferance are on my original Brizaeyl on Wyrmrest Accord.  But I wanted to spice it up a little, and after a lot of mixing and matching, I think I have.  🙂

Palette Color: Blue

Brizaeyl (Night Elf) – Kal’Dorei Set

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