Poem – Lyrical

Romantic Couple

This weekend, it seemed there were a number of 80’s movies on and not much else. I have a habit of either music or TV as subtle background noise. These, I actually watched. Not that I need any excuse to watch 80’s movies. I am a child of the 80’s. I grew up on an era of movies (and music) that glorified romance and the rise of the nerd. In fact, my four all-time favorite movies are all 80’s romances: Pretty Woman, The Princess Bride, Romancing the Stone (also about a writer!), and Roxanne. But Weird Science, Harry and the Hendersons, Back to the Future I & II, and National Lampoon’s Vacation made me all nostalgic this weekend and reminded of some of the things I learned from 80’s movies.

The biggest of those themes being that everyone lives happily ever after.

Hence, I grew up to be a hopeless romantic, that began as a hopeful romantic.

So I decided to try and work that idea into a poem. Enjoy.

~ Effy


Hopeful romantic,
Raised on 80’s romance movies
And saying, like in 80’s love songs,
I want to know what love is.(1)

Romance, like my fantasy stories,
Teaching me a preferable reality.
Watching The Princess Bride,
And longing for my Westley.

Watching Weird Science and movies
About nerds and underdogs
Who always get the girl
And live happily ever after.

Sappy romances were
My love textbooks growing up.
Pretty Woman and the
Happy ending I wanted too.

I just called to say “I love you.”(2)
So don’t you forget about me,(3)
Because you were always on my mind,(4)
And sweet dreams are made of these.(5)

Years later, after high school and
Trudging my way through adulthood,
I learned the reality of love
And the hurt of heartbreak.

Where’s my Roxanne ending?
Where’s my heroic Jack T. Colten?(6)
Where’s my Coming to America prince?
Where’s my undying Ghost romance?

Oh you know that I’d do anything for you,(7)
But this heart of mine has been hurt before.(8)
Oh, I want to be that complete.(9)
Where is my happy ending?(10)

This tainted love you’ve given…(11)
Now I’ve learned that romance
Doesn’t work that way for a
Hopeless romantic.

Footnotes of Lyrics/Movies Referenced:

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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