Update! (Twin Moons)

While I am posting, and thinking about it as I look through screenshots, I wanted to mention I finally got to see both White Lady and Blue Child in the sky at the same time.  Here are both of them over Stormwind!

~ Effy

The White Lady

The Blue Child

EDIT: For those who may have missed the comments to the post leading up to this one, I wanted to add some background information.

Azeroth has two moons – the White Lady and the Blue Child.  The White Lady has a great deal of lore connection, as it symbolizes both Elune to the Night Elves and Mu’sha to the Tauren.  The Blue Child less so.  The two moons are mentioned in the World of Warcraft books sparsely.  I do not recall seeing mention of the moons specifically in-game (feel free to correct me, if there is a quest somewhere!), but they both appeared in the sky in-game throughout Vanilla.

Back at the beginning of the Burning Crusade expansion, there was some sort of glitch (perhaps weather effect related?) which caused Blizzard to remove Blue Child from the Azeroth sky.  It appears whatever this issue was, it was not fixed until sometime during the Mists of Pandaria beta, which fortunately carried over to live.

Therefore, it is now possible to see both moons in the sky, though, their paths and speeds differ.  So sometimes there may only one visible.

I add this edit because Ranico mentioned liking these pics, but in all his time hanging out in Stormwind, either pre-raid or just chatting it up, he could not recall the second, blue moon ever being there.  That is because, up until a few months ago, it was not.  🙂