#WoW30 Challenge: Day Nine – First Class

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Draenei Shaman

Meat-Vendor’s prompt for Day 9 of the 30 Day Challenge is:

First Class


Night Elf Druid

Okie, so you may notice there are a few class portraits on this post.

Officially, my first character came into existence way back when WoW was still just vanilla and I was still playing Dark Age of Camelot.  A friend convinced me to download and play the free trial.  Even though I played a healer as my main in DAoC, I created a Forsaken Warlock.  My reasoning revolved around wanting to create a character I could level solo.  Healers were not solo-friendly in my previous experience.  But I quickly became bored with leveling by myself.  Where was the friend that talked me into playing, you might be asking?  He was level 60, with no interest in leveling a second character.  ><

So WoW proved short-lived for me, and it was another four years before I got talked into playing WoW again.

My second time around, I had a leveling partner and decided to play a Druid and heal, because… well, animal forms.

But as soon as I saw a Draenei and saw a little bit about Shaman, I knew that was what I wanted to play!  And I did!  The Druid only made it to about level 10 for the longest time…

So which one is technically my first character?  I still say Effy, because the other two were just trying out the game.  Effy was my first max level character, and has been my raiding character and main for most of my WoW career.

~ Effy

WoW30 - First Class Warlock 2

Undead Warlock