Poem – Fleeting

Jetstream, by Unknown Artist

Jetstream, by Unknown Artist

This is the first free write from Creative Writing that I have tidied up and decided to share. Above is a painting shared by my teacher. Below is the poem it inspired. My apologies for the glare on the bird. I took a picture of the painting and didn’t notice the glare on the tiny screen of my phone.


~ Effy


What was I saying?
The answer,
The thought,
Stood firmly in
My mind,
And now it’s gone–
Stolen away
Like a twig
Snatched by a bird
To build its nest.

What were we saying?
Perhaps I can
Steal it back,
Return it
To where it was
Sadly, thoughts are
More slippery than that,
Words more elusive,
Like butterflies,
Which once caught
Can never fly again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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