Author Up Challenge – Day 9

Abstract Rainbow Pattern

Thanks for sticking with me through to Day 9 of the Author Up Challenge.

Oh, man. I thought today’s writing prompt might be the end of me. It was a tough one.

Today’s Prompt:

Day 9: Write From the Perspective of a Deaf Man

I brainstormed and wandered mentally down many paths. Finally, in a Google search, somehow deaf and synesthesia were paired together. Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon that causes a very small percentage of people to sense things in strange pairings. They might smell colors or taste sounds or see scents. Synesthesia is also used as a literary term for pairing different senses together, like referring to certain colors as warm or cold.

I thought it was very a intriguing to idea to play with. So I took some liberties once more.

I hope you enjoy. It’s a short piece, but I think it turned out nicely.

~ Effy

Synesthesia Symphony

“I don’t understand why your father asks to go to the symphony with us. He can’t hear the music, can he?”

“No, but he doesn’t need to. Shh, it’s about to start.”

The old man sat with a smile and watched the air above the orchestra, waiting patiently. Then, the lights dimmed.

The dark, silent nothing becomes
Filled with tiny purple wisps,
Ticking by, flitting by, through the air,
Soon joined by icy blue streamers
Like cobalt smoke, twirling, dancing,
Amongst spiraling tendrils of leafy green
And punctuated by sunny yellow
twinkling and shimmering stars
That rode the sharp crests of
peachy waves, bouncing, hopping,
Along to the heavy clomping, stomping,
of crimson elephant feet that
Hold the rhythm, the pattern, the music,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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