Gilnean Set

Female Worgen Priest – Front
Female Worgen Priest – Back
Staff of Earned Tranquility

This outfit was fairly easy.  I over-complicated it originally, and ended up almost exactly back with what she is already wearing (the Black Set).  When all was said and done, I only changed her cloak and hid the headpiece.  The Redoubt Cloak ties into the black with silver trim in the rest of the outfit much better than the original cloak.

Sifaol is a Worgen, and very early on Worgens get a wonderful staff – the Staff of Earned Tranquility.  This staff has one twin – the Chillwind Staff – for those non-Worgens interested in the model.

As for the robe, if I had my choice, I would use the Gilnean Acolyte’s Robe.  Unfortunately, it is not moggable, and has no moggable twin that I have been able to find.  <sad face>  The Black Velvet Robes were a next best.

I tried a lot of shoulders and headpieces.  Either I could not get them in a color close enough to match the black/grey or they were huge and awkward-looking.  I really wanted to make the dark version of Absolution or Avatar work, but it was not to be.  I might play with Avatar some more, but the Absolution shoulders are just too big for my liking.  Or perhaps I will just play with them on another race.

Palette Color: Black

Sifaol (Worgen) – Gilnean Set

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