WoW Short Stories

In late August of 2011, I was playing on a role-playing server in World of Warcraft.  No longer raiding for personal reasons and for lack of wanting to go through the application process again, I had transferred there with a friend.

The idea of focusing on the stories behind my characters fascinated me.  Additionally, I was becoming more and more interested in the lore of Azeroth.

Up to that point, I had been mainly playing a Restoration Shaman, Effraeti, as my main and my raider.  My second favorite toon was my Death Knight.  I was feeling burnt out on my Shaman, and looking for something that I could simply play and possibly RP with.  This turned out to be a new Death Knight, recreated in my Shaman’s image.  I named her Effraeti, and imaged my Shaman resurrected as an undead.

After playing my Death Knight through a number of levels on the role-playing server, one night I found myself unable to sleep.  My mind was near-bursting with words.  Effraeti’s story had to get out of my head, and would not be silenced.

“Regrets” was created from that inspiration, and resulted in a series of stories.

Many other characters and their stories were bore of that same period of time, and you can find that collection here.

~ Effy