O Hai!

Uhh, floating turtles?

Uhh, floating turtles?

So above is me trying to get a screenshot of my Red Panda, whom I named Tedd after a friend of mine who likes Firefoxes, and my new transmog on Effy.  Some Mage is apparently having fun at Shrine and polymorphing all the things, as the turtle floating above my head said it was a Gilded Moth…

I noticed that it has been over a week since I posted.  Hmm, where did the time go?

Busy?  Uhm, yah!  That’s it!  I have been busy…

Okie, I have not really been busy, but I have been spending a lot my not-so-busy time playing WoW and, obviously, not writing.  ><

What have I been doing?  Well….

I have made some lowbies and I have been leveling higher toons.  I have been fiddling with some little ones on another server and playing with some Horde with the hope of eventually getting one to 90 for the Double Agent achievement.  I have been slightly obsessed with the dual-boxing thing, and even when I am not doing something specific with both, I am usually on both accounts.  Sometimes, I have the second account going just to pet battle while I am in short downtimes on the toon I am actually playing.  I am slowly getting Solaes to 90 through daily pets battles (very slowly – she is almost 87).  And I have noticed a strange trend of being on Effy a LOT, even when she is not doing anything particular.  While I am doing things on Ireenia, Effy is usually pet battling or hanging out at the Shrine or tending her farm.

I think I am in a severe state of Effy-withdrawal.  😦

So I changed her transmog.  I like that it is darker, but still blue.  I am not completely happy with the belt, but the belts I want are not cooperating, so it will have to do for now.  It still looks good, just not blue enough.  :/  I would also rather have a mace and shield, but alas, it seems Effy is forever destined to be stuck with staves.  I am sure I have some ICC pics of her with her staff, since that eff’ing shield from Marrowgar would NEVER DROP!  But I had the last laugh on Marrowgar!  I got his shield in Cataclysm as soon as transmog was announced!  Hahaha!  Actually, Effy did have a shield all through Cata…  That was most likely because I crafted one at the beginning of the expansion, and then I was the only Resto Shaman (and only one of two Shaman, period) in UR throughout Dragonsoul.

Yup!  See!  Effy's first Lich King kill... with a staff!  (That is also Lazheward's previous incarnation, Sininen, beside her.)

Yup! See! Effy’s first Lich King kill… with a staff! (That is also Lazheward’s previous incarnation, Sininen, beside her.)

I have been blog-lurking AKA reading and keeping up with everyone, but not really replying anywhere.  Please, all my many bloggers whom I follow and chat with, please don’t ever feel I don’t read your posts.  I do!  I am just awful about replying to them.  I am also awful about keeping up on Twitter and Facebook.  <sigh>

Speaking of reading blogs, I still need to transfer my blogroll off Google Reader.  Which deeply saddens me.  I do not understand why they are doing away with that.  It seems silly to me.

I have also been reading a lot.  I am currently trying to finish the Prism Pentad, an old, old Dark Sun series by Troy Denning that was recently re-released by Wizards of the Coast.  I could say so many wonderful things about that series so far…  So just read it.  🙂  The Dark Sun world is truly awesome, and Troy Denning does such a great job of filling in all the details I was missing about it.  The ONLY negative I have to say about the series is that someone did an AWFUL job of editing those.  Shame on you, Wizards of the Coast, for re-publishing them without tidying them up better.  They are very readable, but for someone as particular as me, the little errors are glaring.

I need to install my two Dark Sun games again – Shattered Lands and Wake of the Ravager.  Those were so much fun to play.

Along with keeping up on my blogroll, I usually watch the movies WoW Insider suggests.  Upon doing so today, I watched a few more related videos, and came across THIS:

Thank you, Sharm.  As a forever-Draenei (and a fan of the original version of this song), this is truly wonderful!

~ Effy


3 thoughts on “O Hai!

  1. I too have been leveling the lowbies! Such fun even at the lowest levels 🙂 Also this transmog thing is out of control with me now, thanks to the likes of your blog – I’m leveling a horde warlock (belf) and I’m hard pressed to sell/DE/vendor any gear *in case* I might want to use it later…#needbiggerbags

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