#WoW30 Challenge: Day Five – One Expansion

WoW30 - Expansion - BC Illidan Wallpaper

Meat-Vendor’s prompt for Day 5 of the 30 Day Challenge is:

One Expansion

WoW30 - Expansion - BC Draenei Wallpaper

The prompt seems somewhat vague, but I assume it means to ask what is my favorite expansion.

The answer: definitely Burning Crusade.  Unfortunately, I did not start playing WoW until Wrath, so I never saw any of the BC content new.  I first saw it while leveling my Shaman through it.  But it contained all of the lore about my favorite race, the Draenei.  BC introduced them and the Naaru to me.  For this reason, among others, I wish I had been around through BC.  I also like the mobs and the zones and the dungeons and the raids – especially Karazhan, I would have loved to see that when it was current content.

I feel like the Blood Elves were a bit more prominent in BC than the Draenei, though.  This is one of the big reasons that I am so looking forward to Warlords – a second chance at seeing Draenor, a second chance to learn more about the Draenei’s past.

I already have story ideas for Warlords.  Though Effy may be starting to take a backseat story-wise, she will still be around, even showing up in different stages of her life when Ireenia goes to Draenor.

I look forward to seeing Draenor and all of the possibilities it brings.

~ Effy

WoW30 - Expansion - BC Dark Portal

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